Exploration Projects

Optioned Exploration Properties

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Early-Stage Exploration Projects

Eagle Plains Resources operates as a mineral exploration project generator. This involves having many projects at varying stages of development in its pipeline. Early-stage projects in this pipeline have very little information prior to the initial step of compiling existing data which may lead to conducting the first field programs. At this point some projects are let go as they do not meet the exploration criteria while others develop into projects where geologists recommend further exploration programs. Below are links that show the location and size of some of Eagle Plains very early-stage exploration projects as identified on Digigeodata maps:

British Columbia Saskatchewan
Beavan BC Mas
Findlay Silver Boundary Lake
Goatfell Dolly Lake
Kidd-Star Eldridge Lake
Noke Kenny Lake
Panda Basin Loyns Lake
Sphinx Merritt Lake
Whatshan North Park Lake
Ynot Sandy Bay
  Stackhouse Bay
  Tyacke West