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Area History

When uranium was discovered at Rabbit Lake, Saskatchewan in 1968 (by the late Al Swanson) exploration permits covering more than 2 million acres in the discovery area were held by Great Plains Development Company of Canada Ltd. Great Plains was a Calgary based oil and gas producer controlled by Burma Oil, of London.

In 1969 R. W. Termuende became Mineral Exploration Manager for Great Plains and oversaw multi-million dollar exploration programs on these permits. Exploration continued until the federal government enacted restrictions on foreign ownership of uranium and uranium properties in 1972. Great Plains was deemed to be foreign and its exploration funding ceased.

Project Exploration History

Exploration work carried out from 1969 to 1971 was accented by the discovery of uranium in float boulders on Great Plains’ Permit #9 (now the Eagle Lake property). Exploration in the area from 1969 to 1971 identified a boulder train 1.5 kilometres in length. The boulders consisted of white pegmatite containing uranium stain as well as uranium/copper mineralization in sheared graphitic material. Four boulders reported assays of 0.19, 0.32, 0.56, and 0.50% U3O8. These boulders are adjacent to a prominent north - south trending fault structure. Associated with the high grade uranium and copper mineralization on the property was the presence of phenomenally high Radon 222 readings obtained from soil and water samples collected.

From 1970 to August 1971 Great Plains carried out extensive surveys and limited diamond drilling. The very high Radon 222 values obtained were not explained nor was the bedrock source of the boulders identified.

Subsequent work on the property by geologist Mr. Ralph Newson, P. Eng. in 1979 and 1980 resulted in the discovery of pitchblende mineralization in veins associated with fault structures. It is not known if this discovery explained the source of boulders reported in the late 1960’s. Newson reported in 1980 that “considerable uranium mineralization is present on the property” and that “the probability that this mineralization reflects the presence of a uranium deposit is sufficiently high that work should continue”. A comprehensive program was recommended to further develop the property, but was never carried out.

Project Acquisition

As the present Saskatchewan uranium rush was gaining momentum Mr. Termuende and an associate from the former Great Plains exploration team reviewed the data on this prospect in light of new interpretive studies and techniques that have been employed in the discovery of additional uranium deposits in the area, especially Key Lake (which is now mined out).

An examination of land holdings in the area revealed, surprisingly, that the area once covered by GP#9 permit was still available. It was staked immediately (i.e. late February, 2006) during the first phase of staking in the name of Eagle Plains Resources Ltd and is known as the Eagle Lake property.  Subsequently Eagle Plains has carried out 2 more phases of staking resulting in the acquisition of the Kulyk lake (Baska Eldorado) lake and Karin lake properties.  Eagle Plains now has a 100% unencumbered interest in over 111,000 ha (677,200 acres) of claims.


The area lies within the Wollaston domain and consists of Aphebian metasedimentary gneisses and schists, including pelitic schists and gneisses with graphitic horizons. The claims lie 30 kilometres south of the edge of the Athabasca Formation. EPL’s focus will be to explore for uranium deposits in north to northwest-trending faults which are interpreted to have formed structural traps where uranium mineralization may have been preserved.

Eagle Plains Work Projects (2006 - 2009)

Fieldwork and airborne geophysical surveys were completed during the 2006 and 2007 field seasons. Two known showings had cursory examinations in 2006 with more detailed prospecting, soil sampling and Radon surveys completed in 2007.  Airborne magnetic and electromagnetic (GEOTEM®) geophysical surveys were conducted over parts of the property in the Autumn of 2006.

The Red October Showing was discovered during a reconnaissance traverse into an area directed by significantly elevated airborne radiometric signatures. In September 2008, Eagle Plains completed a program of line cutting, ground magnetic survey, and soil/scintillometer survey at the new Red October Showing.  Also located 480 meters to the northeast along strike, was a radioactive swamp which returned a very anomalous Radon-in-water result.

A two phase program was recommended and carried out in September of 2009 which established a 7.1 line-km cut grid at the Great Plains Showing.  The grid was surveyed for magnetics, soil geochemistry, and scintillometer, which included historical uranium showings.

Next, geologists and geotechs concentrated on the new Red October Uranium Showing, discovered in 2008, and conducted a grid based program of geochemical, magnetic and scintillometer surveys.

These surveys revealed that the dyke swarm is 80 to 150+ meters wide, and consists of magnetic pegmatite and host psammopelite.  Individual dykes may exceed greater than 10 m in width, with typical dyke widths of 60 cm.  Two of the dykes returned exceptional uranium assays:  1) a 1 m yellow-stained chip sample returned 1.56% U3O8 and

2) a grab sample of a yellow-stained black alteration selvage returned 2.24% U3O8.

Future Exploration Recommendations

Historic work by Eagle Plains has successfully identified the Eagle Lake property as hosting three styles of uranium mineralization. Based on the widespread nature and grade of uranium associated with favorable geology and structure, it is believed the property has the potential to host a uranium deposit.

A two phase exploration program for the project is recommended which includes ground based sampling, surveying, trenching/channel sampling and mapping to further define the extent of mineralization at 3 showings, the TOJO, GP and Red October.

Contingent on favorable results from Phase 1, a diamond drilling program is recommended to test the highest priority targets including the Red October, TOJO showings, as well as other areas identified as favorable targets by the Phase 1 interpretation.

Property Location

A property location map may be viewed by clicking here: Eagle Lake Uranium Project

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Updated May 6, 2014

Trenching & channel sampling at Eagle Lake Uranium & REE exploration project

Trenching & channel sampling at Eagle Lake Uranium & REE exploration project

High grade uranium sample at Eagle Lake uranium & REE exploration project

High grade uranium sample at Eagle Lake uranium & REE exploration project

High grade uranium sample at Eagle Lake uranium & REE exploration project

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