North Findlay | (Silver, Lead, Zinc)

The North Findlay Property is one of three groups of claims staked by Eagle Plains that comprise the North Sullivan camp.  These groups are referred to as Greenland Creek, South Findlay and North Findlay.  The North Sullivan camp totals 33,499.92 hectares, and borders the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy to the west, encompasses the headwaters of Findlay Creek to the north and Greenland Creek in the south.  This extensive land holding is a contiguous land package and shows potential for hosting sedex-type base-metal mineralization.   Eagle Plains Resources Ltd. staked the North Sullivan camp in the spring of 1995 in anticipation of an airborne geophysical survey conducted in the fall of that year by the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC), and the British Columbia Geological Survey (BCGS).

The North Sullivan Camp claims are centered 40 km northwest of Kimberley and contain a stratigraphic interval demonstrated to host significant base-metal mineralization.  They are the nearest northern exposure of prospective Lower/Middle Aldridge Formation SEDEX stratigraphy which hosts the world class Sullivan deposit 40km to the south. Structurally, this area may be an extension of the North Star-Sullivan corridor, a north oriented fault bound graben developed through rift extension which initiated in the mesoproterozoic and continued through to the Cambrian Period (Price, 1981).

Contemporaneous with extension was the exhalation and interaction of seafloor boron, aluminous sediments, and metal rich brines along synsedimentary faults which precipitated to form the Sullivan ore body. The Findlay property stratigraphy displays Sullivan-style exhalative tourmalinite (boron) horizons, massive fragmental sections, upper anomalous lead, zinc, and indicator geochemistry, and base metal occurrences.

For more information about the geology and exploration programs, please see the North Findlay Project Details [PDF].

This property is currently optioned to Mineral Metals Group (MMG) which is part of the Minmetals Resources Limited group of companies (HKEx: 1208); MMG is the third largest zinc producer in the world and operates a portfolio of world-class base metal mining operations, development projects and exploration projects. Operating mines include the Century mine in Queensland, Australia's largest open pit zinc mine; the Golden Grove underground mine in Western Australia and the Rosebery underground mine in Tasmania, both of which produce zinc, copper, lead and precious metals; and the Sepon gold and copper operations in Lao. Development projects include the Dugald River zinc, lead and silver deposit in north western Queensland. In Canada, MMG is focussed on development of the Izok Lake polymetallic deposit in Nunavut, as well as systematic exploration in the area of the High Lake and Izok Lake projects. Target commodities include copper, zinc-lead and nickel.

This project is currently under option

Updated July 18, 2012

Mineral Exploration for SEDEX targets in the Sullivan Camp

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North Findlay - Silver, Lead, Zinc Mineral Exploration Property  North Findlay Project Details [PDF]

North Findlay - Silver, Lead, Zinc Mineral Exploration Property  North Sullivan Camp Geology [PDF]

North Findlay - Silver, Lead, Zinc Mineral Exploration Property  North Findlay Tourmalinite Zone Map [PDF]

North Findlay - Silver, Lead, Zinc Mineral Exploration Property  Findlay - Project Brochure [PDF]

Project News:

Dec19, 2011 - Airborne Geophysical Summary

Sep 9, 2011 - Major Geophysics Commence

Aug 4, 2011 - MMG Options Findlay and Dode

Mar 8, 2011 - MMG signs LOI to option Findlay

Aug 23, 2007 - Drilling Commences

Dec 6, 1999 - Exploration Program Completed

Aug 26, 1999 - Option Agreement Executed

Jul 28, 1999 - Exploration Commences

May 20, 1999 - Strategic Alliance Formed

Feb 2, 1999 - Kennecott Terminates Option

Jan 12, 1999 - Findlay Drilling Yeilds Results