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The Goatfell property consists of one contigious claim block consisting of 2367 hectares of land owned 100% by Eagle Plains Resources with no underlying royalties or encumbrances. The property is located approximately 50 kilometers west of Cranbrook, BC and provides for good access via a network of logging roads.

The project is situated favorably with respect to infrastructure with well developed transportation and power corridors transecting both the northern and southern portions of the property, Within these corridors exist a new high pressure gas pipeline, a high voltage hydro-electric line, the CPR mainline and Highway 3 south. The rail line provides efficient access to the Teck/Cominco Ltd. smelter in Trail, B.C.

The Goatfell occurrence is located along the CPR railway about 1.5km west of Carroll Creek.  This occurence includes an extensive area of tourmalinite float, 2.5 kms to the south of the Goatfell tourmalinite body.  The float contains galena and sphalerite in an intensely brecciated tourmalinized matrix.

The occurrence lies within the Middle Proterozoic Purcell Supergroup, a thick succession of siliciclastic and lesser carbonate rocks. This sedimentary succession contains the Sullivan deposit, one of the world's largest massive sulphide sedimentary-exhalitive lead-zinc deposits which lies approximately 70 kms to the north. Stratigraphically, this deposit is hosted by the Aldridge Formation, at the Lower Aldridge/Middle Aldridge contact.

Four diamond-drill holes in the footwall of the Goatfell tourmalinite in 1988-89 were focussed on testing the Sullivan time horizon (the projected Lower-Middle Aldridge contact).  Minor tourmalinite and fracture controlled sphalerite and galena was intersected in these holes.  No drilling has been conducted in the hanging wall of the Goatfell tourmalinite.

In 1995, Inmet Mining Corporation conducted an EM geophysical survey and in 1996, White Knight Resources drilled 8 holes, totaling 2016m

This project is currently under option.

Updated September 25, 2014

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Geology Map of Goatfell Property

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Titan - Molybdenum Mineral Exploration Property  Property Geology Map  [PDF]

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